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Sunday School class with Julia Rassmann, Director
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Sunday School class with Julia Rassmann, Director
Sunday School
Plymouth Church's Sunday School is a loving, vibrant -- and fun! -- environment for integrating Christian faith into the lives of our children.
Sunday School is designed for children from age 3 through 6th Grade. As part of our Sunday School program, Plymouth also offers a Nursery for infants and toddlers up to age 2, and a Twos class for our youngest children (24 months and up) when they are ready to move from the nursery to more structured play. Plymouth's Youth Groups are open to students in grades 7-12.

Sunday School meets during the worship service. Children begin the service with their parents and are invited to the front pews for the children’s sermon. Following that sermon, they proceed to classrooms in the adjoining Church House. Room assignments by age are posted in the Church House hallway.

More than Just Sunday! Plymouth Sunday School offers other events and programs, like Sunday "After" School field trips, weekday "Bible Building and Baking" and Parents Group classes, PumpkinLand and ValentineLand parties, movie nights, and more. Check the Calendar of Events for the latest schedule.

Register Your Children Online 

Welcome to the 2013-2014 Sunday School program. Please take a moment now and sign up your children for Sunday School and the Nursery. To make our time together as welcoming, smooth-running and safe as possible, we are asking all parents to complete these forms as soon as possible. If you are new to Plymouth, please feel free to contact Julia Rassmann, Director of the Ministry to Families and Children, in advance of your visit.

• Click here for the online Sunday School form (age 2 through 6th Grade)

Click here for the online Nursery form (infant through age 2)

What is taught at Sunday School?

Bringing children closer to Christ and the caring support of a faith community is fundamental to the mission of the church’s Ministry to Families and Children. The Sunday School curriculum, in ways that are appropriate to each age group, emphasizes play-filled, hands-on learning. Old Testament stories and the teachings of Christ from the New Testament are brought to life through books, songs, creative activities and group play. Major holidays, such as Advent, Lent and Easter, offer special opportunities for themed activities, with the annual Christmas Pageant being a particular highlight. In summer, many Sunday School children participate in our weeklong Vacation Bible Camp.

Outreach is another important part of Sunday School teaching. Children of all ages discover ways to offer support to those in need. Through fundraising activities, donation drives and age-appropriate volunteer projects, Sunday School children learn valuable lessons about loving their neighbor and living their faith. 

Who teaches the Sunday School classes?

Every Sunday School class, grouped by age, is headed by a knowledgeable and experienced volunteer from the congregation. Julia Rassmann supervises the staff and designs the curriculum with input from the Children’s Christian Education committee. Active participation in the Christian formation of children is a joyous part of family life at Plymouth, and the church warmly encourages every Sunday School parent to volunteer as a teacher, classroom assistant or special event helper during the year.

I’m new to Plymouth. How do I get my child started in Sunday School?

All children visiting Plymouth on Sunday are invited to be a part of Sunday School. You do not have to be a church member.

In advance of your Plymouth visit, you may wish to contact Julia Rassmann, Director of the Ministry to Families and Children, at the Church Office. This is an opportunity for you to have your questions answered and for the church to know that your child will be at Sunday School that week. You may also want to fill out an online registration form with your contact information, but this is not required for a first visit.

Children leave for Sunday School early in the worship service. Especially when a child is new to Plymouth, we encourage a parent to accompany him or her to the classroom. You may stay as long as you wish. Depending on the age of your child, level of comfort and familiarity with Plymouth, you may want to stay the entire session or return to the service. If you have not yet registered your child, his or her Sunday School teacher will take down key contact information. After the service, all but the youngest (ages 2-6) are brought to Fellowship Hour. The youngest children are dismissed to  their parents from the classrooms.

If your child has special needs, whether food allergies or learning differences, every effort will be made to support those needs. If you feel that advance notice is important, or that a discussion with staff will improve your child’s experience, please contact Julia Rassmann before your visit.

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